Threat Intelligence

Redback, a market leader in cyber threat intelligence services, provides a range of security consulting services to help you strengthen your cyber security program against specific threat actors and vulnerabilities unique to your organization.

Our cyber threat intelligence consulting team works with your key stakeholders to create or improve your security program, as well as to analyze and comprehend threats to your organization. For your organization, we apply threat intelligence to relevant threat actors and potential threat scenarios. The service can also assist your organization in developing or maturing its threat intelligence program, improving security operations, and defining a cyber threat landscape specific to your business environment.


CTI is information based on knowledge, skills, and experience about the occurrence and assessment of cyber and physical threats and threat actors, with the goal of assisting in the mitigation of potential cyberattacks and harmful events. Sources of cyber threat intelligence include open-source intelligence, social media intelligence, human intelligence, technical intelligence, device log files, forensically acquired data or intelligence from internet traffic, and data derived from the deep and dark web.


  • Threat Data Feed Service
  • Advanced Persistent Threat Intelligence Reporting
  • Artificial intelligence and cybersecurity
  • Crimeware Intelligence Reporting Service
  • Threat Intelligence Modeling Service
  • Threat Hunting Services
  • Digital Footprint Intelligence Services
  • Threat Infrastructure Tracking Service